Steam Irons

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    • 1000w travel steam iron



      Make life easier with this compact design iron in your lugguage while travelling! The stainless steel sole plate makes the iron reliable and durable. You can also adjust the voltage according to the countries in which you are located. Spray mist and steam function allows you to iron various kinds of clothes while travelling.

    • 1200w steam iron



      A great iron with steam and 1200W to keep your clothes tidy. The 180 ml water tank allows you to use the iron without regular refill. You can adjust the steam for different kinds of clothes. Compact design allows you to store and carry the iron easily.

    • 1800w steam iron



      Stainless soleplate and powerful 1800W offers makes ironing an effortless job! The iron has water capacity of 215ml, which is enough to get through all your ironing without having to refill it! Ergononmic handle and easy to use turning knob makes this product all the more convenient. 15-25 g of constant steam and 20-30 g shot of steam allows user to easily handle the creases.

    • 1800w steam iron



      The steam iron that provides convenience like no other. It has a very useful pivoting cord feature that allows flawless and uninterrupted movements. The spray mist function contributes to faster elimination of stubborn creases. With its 0.35 L tank, this steam iron is capable of bursting out 26 grams powerful steam per minute. It is designed with an anti-drip and anti-calc mechanism specially added for better maintenance.

    • 1800w steam iron



      For high quality and time saving ironing, this steam iron is what you need. With its non-stick telford soleplate together and its spray mist function, you can easily and effortlessly handle the creases of your clothes. It is wisely designed with a pivoting cord that greatly contributes to convenient movement. There is no need to refill its tank from time to time because it has 0.18 L water capacity. For easier maintenance, this steam iron is equipped with anti-drip and anti-calc features.

    • 2000w steam iron



      Eliminate even the most stubborn creases with the 2000W steam iron. This is specially designed to bring convenience to the users. It has an easy grip handle and simple turning knob controls. The non stick-telford soleplate can evenly distribute the heat on the fabrics. Thanks to its self-clean and anti-drip feature, maintenance is no trouble at all. Its exterior is dominated with plastic material which makes it perfectly safe to touch.

    • 2000w steam iron



      This 2000W steam iron is made to make your life easier. It is designed with a pivoting cord which allows uninterrupted and flexible movement. There is also a spray mist and anti-scale system which further adds to the convenience of the user. It comes with a handy anti-drip and anti-calc feature that are very helpful when it comes to its maintenance. The vertical stream is a useful feature which helps get rid of stubborn creases.

    • 2200w green and white steam iron



      With this steam iron, pressing clothes will no longer be a difficult task. The pivoting cord gives you comfort and convenience as you can freely move it in any direction. With clear and easy temperature controls and fabric settings, the job will surely be done effortlessly. The anti-drip and anti-calc features prevent steam and calcium build-up, making your iron reliable and durable.

    • 2400w grey variable-steam iron



      Ironing can be finished quickly with the high power output and variable steam rate. The vertical steam, convenient spray mist buttons and pivoting cord provides convenience and freedom of motion. With the right temperature control and fabric setting, the job will surely be done effortlessly. Featuring anti-drip and anti-calc functions, ironing is no longer a troublesome task.

    • dry iron



      With this dry iron, you can effortlessly get rid of all annoying creases. It is equipped with an adjustable temperature setting that can help you retain the right temperature that you need. With its plastic housing, you can conveniently handle the iron without hurting yourself. It uses 900-1100W power that guarantees high quality and convenient ironing. This dry iron is designed with simple controls which makes it very easy to operate. It also has overhead protection which offers extra reliability and safety to the iron.

    • steam iron



      This iron can heat up quickly and give you powerful steam for easy ironing. Durable stainless steel soleplate distribute the heat evenly over the clothes. 23 g of constant steam and 35 g shot of steam allows user to easily handle the creases. Handly self-clean, Anti-drip and Anti-calc features are convienient for the product maintenance.

    • steam iron



      This dependable steam iron is the perfect ironing assistant. It has adjustable steaming and vertical steaming for efficient wrinkle removal. The 0.4L water capacity allows 30 shots of steam per minute. It is equipped with a stainless steel scratch resistant and non-stick soleplate. It is also designed with a functional auto shut off to provide safety.

    • steam iron



      Make ironing an easy task with the use of this steam iron. It is made with a pivoting cord so you can freely move it to any direction as you wish. This iron has stainless steel soleplate that can help eliminate even the most stubborn wrinkles. With the right temperature control and fabric setting, the job will surely be done quickly and effortlessly. Steaming has never been easier than using vertical steam option, steam surge and spray mist.

    • steam iron



      Always keep your clothes at their best condition with this steam iron. It is carefully designed with an ergonomic handle and easy-to-use turning knob for the user’s convenience. The durable stainless steel soleplate is capable of distributing heat evenly. This helps to prevent from burning the clothes. It is equipped with 0.25L water tank capacity . With this, there’s no need to refill the tank frequently. This steam iron has various useful features including anti-drip, spray mist, anti-calc, and anti-scale system.

    14 items