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    • 1.5l plastic electric kettle



      Start the day far from stress with this efficient and safe electric kettle. This electric kettle has a 1.5L capacity that is enough to serve the whole family. You can assure your safety with its overheat shut off and auto off feature. It is equipped with a removable filter that makes it convenient to clean. The handle is made of a heat resistant material to avoid painful burns.

    • 1.5l retro ss electric kettle



      Serve friends and family in style with this great retro stainless steel kettle. Made of stainless steel, this generous 1.5L capacity kettle has a retro design with cool black accents. The concealed heating element is never in contact with water, eliminating objectionable mineral deposit build-up. The kettle’s cordless design allows it to be lifted from its base for easy filling and pouring. Also located on the handle is a push button for convenient single hand lid opening. Cordless design and 360° base enables left or right-handle use.

    • 1.5l retro ss electric kettle



      This stainless Steel Kettle delivers durable performance and iconic style. With a press of the switch this electric kettle provides boiling water in a matter of minutes. The large 7-cup/1.7-liter capacity is ideal for a variety of uses: hot tea, soups, instant coffees, oatmeal, hot chocolate, noodles, baby formula and more. Once water reaches a boil, the kettle will automatically shut off and lifts off its base for easy, cord-free pouring. And the retro polished stainless steel finish looks great whether serving friends and family or simply sitting on the counter.

    • 1.5l ss electric kettle



      A kettle with stainless steel body, making it high class and durable. The 360º centre connector ensures easy lifting and placing. 1.5L capacity and 2200W power can provide rapid boiling to the whole familiy. Cord storage function in the base facilitates the storage and carry of the kettle. Strix heating control for better safety and heating performance.

    • 1.5l ss electric kettle



      In less than a minute, you can have hot drinks enough for the whole family. This cordless electric kettle has a water level indicator that helps in showing the amount of water the kettle contains. It also has a 360 degree turntable base that allows easy grip for left-handed and right-handed users. It’s rapid boil mechanism makes it possible to have access on hot drinks in no time. The stainless steel housing makes the electric kettle durable, polished and sophisticated.

    • 1.5l stainless steel deep fryer



      Control the temperature to customize the deep frying process, from wings to fries to fish! The 900W variable temperature control provides consistent heat while the indicator light lets you know when the oil is reached the correct temperature. With a non-sticking coating, clean-up is worry-free. The stainless steel design makes the fryer durable and elegant for all households.

    • 1.5l stand blender with plastic jar



      Modern looking high-quality plastic 1.5L blender with non-slip base. This 500W blender whizzes up everything from shakes and smoothies to soups and dressings, and also crushes ice. Features 2 speeds and a pulse function. Its non-slip base keeps it firmly in place and it has a safety lock. The pitcher and lid come off of the base for cleaning.

    • 1.5l stand blender



      Simple, reliable classic-shaped blender for blending ingredients with ease. This practical 1.5L blender with stainless steel blades is great for blending up juices, smoothies, shakes and soups or crushing ice. And does it fast through 2 speeds and 1 pulse setting. The hard-wearing plastic jar and lid easily remove from the base for washing.

    • 1.7l cordless ss kettle



      Make the perfect cup of tea with this Stainless Steel Electric Kettle. Easy to use controls allow you to heat the kettle quickly, and the brushed stainless steel finish gives this kettle a modern look. Featuring an automatic shutoff, an easy open/close lid, the kettle stores up to 1.7 liters of piping hot water. Easy to carry and store, this kettle also features a handy cord storage function, and the 360º centre connector ensures easy lifting and placing regardless of whether you’re right or left-handed.

    • 1.7l cordless ss kettle



      Tea? Hot chocolate? Instant soup? If you have a taste for it, this kettle will help! The powerful rapid-boil system provides fast heat-up and the auto shutoff function helps keep kettles from boiling dry. It rests on a 360° base with cord storage space, make the kettle easier to use, regardless of whether your left or right-handed. And a removable and washable filter allows for easier clean up.

    • 1.7l elect. stainless steel kettle



      This 1.7L big capacity and 2200W power, hot water is available almost immediately! Auto shut off and strict control makes the kettle safe and reliable every time. The push-button lid release and water level indicator allows for easy, accurate filling that’s perfect when you’re on-the-go at breakfast. It’s cordless design and 360° rotating base enables left or right-handed use. The kettles removable filter can be easily taken out for cleaning ensuring perfection each time you poor yourself a cup.

    • 1.7l electric glass/ss kettle



      This kettle’s modern curved structure with clear glass jug fits the design of any kitchen! The kettle can hold 1.7 liter of water, bubbling away with just a click of a button thanks to its 2400W rapid boiling system. The push-button lid release allows for easy handling and pouring. No spills allowed! You can prepare your desired volume of hot water with the help of water level indicator on the jug. Allowing you to save on electricity and energy in the home. It’s auto stop function helps to avoid overheating boiling and ensure safety. Everything you could ask for in a kettle!

    • 1.7l electric kettle



      Light weight kettle with large capacity that will serve be handy for all the family. Its cordless and 360 ° rotating base for greater comfort use. This auto stop function offers an overheat protection feature for full safety. Removable filter for easy cleaning and lets you enjoy pure and clear water. Big water level viewer allows you to prepare desire volume of water and tea.

    • 1.7l electric kettle



      An electric kettle that combines efficiency, safety and portability. This 1.7 electric kettle is equipped with a water window making it possible to see the amount of water that the kettle contains. With its auto-off function, the occurrence of overheating will be avoided. It is equipped with a washable and removable filter for added convenience. This electric kettle is cordless which allows it to be portable.

    • 1.7l electric kettle



      The electric kettle that provides efficiency, style and safety. It includes a lime scale filter to improve water quality which can be easily removed and cleaned for your convenience. Advanced heating technology with concealed element permits faster yet safer boiling experience. It rests on a 360º base with cord storage, making it easy to use, regardless of whether you are left or right handed. This is a modern jug style kettle with a brushed stainless steel finish.

    • 1.7l electric kettle



      The electric kettle specially designed for your safety. The 1.7L electric kettle has a temperature control system, overheat shut off and auto-off feature. Its cordless and 360 degrees turntable base feature makes it very easy to manage. The kettle’s handle is made of plastic to prevent painful burns. It is also equipped with clear level indicator which allows you to see exactly how much you pour into the kettle. There is a limescale filter that helps remove impurities from hard water and improve the taste of your drink.

    • 1.7l electric kettle



      Boil water in the safest way possible with the Electric Kettle. An electric kettle is faster than a microwave and far safer than a stove top. This cordless kettle has various safety features including locking lid, overheat shut off, and auto-off feature. The water level indicator shows you how much water the kettle contains making it it possible to boil just the right amount that you need. It also has a removable and washable limescale filter for cleaner and safer drinks.

    • 1.7l electric pyramid kettle



      Modern Functionality with a classic style. Add a touch of designer chic to your kitchen with this 1.7L Electric Pyramid Kettle. This unique kettle combines classic retro styling with all the functional features required in today’s kitchen. This rapid-boil, cordless kettle lifts off the 360º base for easy carrying and pouring, while the clear window next to handle indicates water level. The removable mesh water filter minimizes scale deposits and the auto shut-off protection insures safety from overheating. Available in Red, Blue or Beige.

    • 1.7l electric ss kettle



      A kettle with a stainless steel body. Show off its durable and elegant design! The kettle holds 1.7L of water, and bubbles away before you click your fingers thanks to its 2200W rapid boiling feature. The 360° rotating base and cordless design provides flexibility and comfort while using the kettle. The viewing window allows you to prepare or alter the desired volume of water for tea or hot water bottles. A removable and washable filter makes cleaning up that much easier. This simple but striking product is an asset to any kitchen!

    • 1.7l electric steel kettle



      Generously sized, simplify making coffee and tea for a group. This 1.7L Electric Stainless Steel Kettle quickly brings water to a boil and lifts off base for easy carrying and pouring. The 360° rotating base and cordless design provides flexibility and comfort while the reliable, auto shut-off provides overheat protection, making this kettle safe for your kitchen, dorm or office. The water-level indicator and measurement markings on make refilling a cinch and the removable mesh water filter eliminates scale deposits. Available in Blue.

    • 1.7l plastic electric kettle



      Stylish, trendy and lightweight. Whether you’re making a pot of tea or brewing coffee in a French press, this 1.7L Plastic Electric Kettle heats the water to the perfect temperature for extracting full flavor. This kettle heats water quickly and efficiently while the water level indicator make refilling a cinch. The cordless Kettle lifts off the 360° turnable base for easy carrying and pouring and the removable mesh water filter eliminates scale deposits. The concealed heating element features an auto shut-off, making this kettle a safe choice for your kitchen, dorm or office. Available in Black or White.

    • 1.7l plastic electric kettle



      Compact kettle with a big capacity. Cordless convenience makes this 1.7L Plastic Electric Kettle a must-have in the kitchen. Just lift it off the base and pour a steaming cup of hot water for tea, soup or instant coffee. The 2200-watt heating element boils 1.7 liters of water faster than a microwave and more safely than a stovetop kettle, making it ideal for the home or office. Kettle rotates 360 degrees on base for effortless positioning and the clear water window and measurement markings make for easy viewing of the water level. The Auto Shut-Off function means this kettle is a practical and safe choice while the removable mesh water filter eliminates scale deposits. Available in White or Black.

    • 1.7l stainless steel kettle



      This kettle is great in stainless steel body with a durable and elegant design. Features cordless and 360° rotating base for greater flexibility and usage. The viewing window also allows you to prepare tea just the way you like it with the desired volume of water. Cleaning is now quick and simple just take out the washable and removable filter. Its 2000W of power and concealed heating element offers you the rapid boiling of water and helps you cut down the money spent on electricity. Enjoy your tea or instant coffee with this seamless kettle dipped in stainless perfection.

    • 1.7l white electric kettle



      Featuring 1.7L capacity and 2000W of power, this is perfect for families or large groups. The kettle lifts away from the corded base, allowing convenient use. The auto-stop function ensures safety protection from over-boiling. The kettle comes with a removable filter for easy cleaning.

    • 1.l compact deep fryer



      Why go out when you can have your very own deliciously cooked fried food at home! With this product the cooking temperature can be adjusted by the temperature control, to suit your cooking needs. The removable lid provides for convenient washing and easy assemble. The retractable handle allows for easy storage in your kitchen. The metallic look will match your kitchen effortlessly! This product was meant to provide great meals without the price-tag!

    • 1.l stainless steel deep fryer



      Compact and convenient, this deep fryer is the perfect cooking tool for small family! This product comes with a cool handle and safety lock and in a metallic design which suits any kitchen. The Deep Fryer’s easy to assemble and easy storage benefits, compliment your convenience needs for a quick and easy meal, which tastes even better than eating out! Kick back relax and let your “new toy” do all the work at dinner time.

    • 1000w mirror finish microwave oven



      A sleek, high-powered kitchen essential. This full-size (539x462x300cm) Mirror-finish Microwave Oven has all the power you need to cook, reheat, defrost, and grill just about anything! Featuring 1250W grill power and 2050W convection power this microwave features 8 pre-programmed smart settings, a 360-degree turnstile and a simple LCD screen that’s easy to read. The sleek mirror finish makes it a sleek addition to any countertop. Available in silver and stainless steel.

    • 10cup coffee maker with thermal jug



      This coffee maker can be easily programmed to have a fresh cup of coffee anytime. With a 10-cup capacity and 900W of power, have quality coffee right when you wake up with an easy-to-use digital timer function. The stainless steel thermal carafe keeps your coffee hot when away from the warming plate.

    • 12-cup anti-drip coffee maker



      Make your morning java in style. Make up to 12 cups of coffee for your guests or single serve for yourself before heading out in the morning! This coffee maker lets you decide. The anti-drip brew-pause function allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee before brewing has finished making this the ideal coffee maker for anyone who hates to wait! The drip-free pour spout and wide-grip handle for easy serving and the auto shut-off function means you never have to worry if you turned the pot off before you leave for work or school. Available in a bold Red that will look great on your kitchen counter, dorm or office.

    • 12-cup auto-off coffee maker



      Fast, functional and perfect for your home or office. This 12-cup Auto-Off Coffee Maker is fast to reach the optimal brewing temperature and maintains this throughout brewing for a quick and great tasting cup of coffee. Featuring a generous 1.25L capacity, an anti-drip function and an auto-off feature, this coffee maker is ideal for your kitchen counter, dorm or office. The drip-free pour spout and wide-grip handle make for easy serving and the included coffee filter is reusable, eliminating the need for paper filters. Use the brew/pause anti-drip feature to sneak a quick cup before the brew cycle has finished. Available in Black.

    • 12-cup auto-off coffee maker



      Enjoy waking up to delicious coffee? This high power 800W 12-cup Auto-Off Coffee Maker is perfect for your morning cup of coffee or even if you want to offer a night-cap to your friends and family at the end of a dinner party. The anti-drip function lets you to take out the carafe at any time and you can easily prepare exactly how much you want with the transparent water level window. In a rush? Not to worry. The Auto Shut-Off function means the coffee maker will turn itself off after 30min. Also comes with a reusable coffee filter, eliminating the need for paper filters, saving cost and the environment. Available in White.

    • 12-cup filter coffee maker



      Large capacity. Sleek Look. This large capacity 12-Cup Filter Coffee Maker is both form and function for any kitchen counter, office or dorm room. The combination of the white and silver exterior makes for a simplistic, stylish design. This easy-to-use, smart looking coffee machine features a 1.5L water tank and can make up to 12 cups of coffee, perfect for afternoon coffee for all of the family and is a great high quality piece for any coffee lover. Features an anti-drip spout, auto shut-off for added safety and includes a removable filter.

    • 12-cup programmable coffee maker



      A trendy, functional standout. Equally suitable for elegant entertaining and everyday breakfast service, this trendy programmable coffeemaker lets you set a brewing cycle up to 24 hours in advance. The anti-drip glass carafe holds up to 12 cups (1.5L) while the 1000W power delivers a piping hot cup of coffee super fast. Featuring a digital display and a handy auto on/off feature, this standout, modern coffee maker will look great in your kitchen, office or dorm room. Available in Matte Blue and Yellow.

    • 12-cup stainless steel coffee maker



      A stylish coffee maker that can brew a fresh cup for you first thing in the morning! Equipped with a digital timer, it allows handy and easy control by any user. The stainless steel finish makes the product durable and elegant. A powerful 1000W shortens brewing time to have a faster caffeine jolt.

    • 12-cup steel coffee maker and timer



      Let the whole family wake up to a fresh cup of joe by setting the programmable timer. Easy to operate with a digital display, this stainless steel machine is an elegant addition to any household. The large capacity (1.25L) and transparent tank means you never have to run out of coffee, meanwhile it can serve up to 12 cups. Easy to clean, anti-drip and with an auto-off feature, getting your caffeine fix is as simple as it should be.

    • 125w 7-speed hand mixer



      Convenient cordless hand mixer ideal for whisking and mixing all sorts. This hand mixer is light weight and cordless to allow flexibility in movement while you whisk and blend. It has 7 versatile speeds suited to a wide variety of mixing tasks. The chrome beaters work effectively to give desired results and can be ejected with the push of a button and soaked for an easy wash.

    • 15 bar espresso coffee maker



      Small espresso machine but perfect coffee! Its 15 bars of pressure ensure that the steam will meet the coffee granules at optimal speed, delivering rich and tasty coffee. The classic milk frother delivers perfectly creamy foam. The drip tray is detachable for easy cleaning.

    • 15 bar pressure espresso maker



      High performance 15 bar Italian pump gives you a fresh cup just like at the bar! Aluminium alloy boiler makes this Espresso Maker durable and reliable. The 1.5L large removable tank contains sufficient water to make 10-12 cups of espresso. The over heating and over pressure protection features guarantee and always delicious espresso.

    • 15-bar pump espresso coffee maker



      Compact size, contemporary look and perfect coffee! Don’t be fooled by this espresso machine’s compact size! It features a high pressure 15 bar pump designed to generate the perfect temperature for the ultimate espresso. Its large 1.5 litre water tank will require infrequent refilling. Froths milk to perfection. Extra bonus: this espresso machine is available in any colour.

    • 1500w aluminum single hot plate



      Cook without a kitchen or just free-up the stove with this versatile single hot plate. Compact and portable, it is ideal for a dorm room, office, camper or extra burner at home. Built-in adjustable thermostat control allows you to cook food to perfection at different temperature settings. The hot plate has non-stick heating plate that ensures even heat and quick cleanup, and the indicator light helps you know when it’s ready to use.

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