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    • 1 ton scissor jack



      Trustworthy, well built 1 tonne scissor jack, great for the garage. Jack was constructed with heavy duty steel to enhance and prolong product life use. You can be confident that this is a well structured piece of machinery. Good design and precision mechanics for faster lowering and raising, making your job easier. Compatible with sedans and compact cars, featuring a lifting height range between 90mm to 325mm. Primarily built to assist anyone to change tires, it is the perfect replacement or additional jack.

    • 12v 1 ton electric car jack



      No effort needed with this powerful built-in engine. Included a cable of 3.8M long allowing easy movement of the equipment. Features a manual hand crank which allows users to operate the device without electric power. Built-in LED light for environment with poor luminosity. Compatible with sports, sedans and compact cars. Lifting height range between 120mm to 340mm. Strong metallic body ensures long lasting performance.

    • 12v orbital car polisher



      Make your car sparkle like new with this handy Orbital car polisher. The polisher has a rotation speed of 3200 RPM that ensures an excellent finish. Features a smooth, direct drive movement that gives a highly efficient, vibration-free operation. The comfortable hand grips provide optimum control. It comes with a 9″ foam pad, 1 terry bonnet cloth and 1 woven, waterproof bonnet cloth. Available in blue or yellow.

    • 2 ton floor jack



      Lift 2 ton cars, pick-ups, RVs and SUVs with this portable and handy trolley jack. It features precision hydraulics for a steady lift, and a precision release valve for exact height adjustment. The extra heavy steel gauge chassis frame and rotating saddle offers easy positioning and ease-of-use. Can be conveniently stored away in an easy-carry blow case. Made from durable carbon steel and comes in red, black or blue.

    • 2 ton scissor jack



      The number one device every household needs. Jack was constructed with heavy duty steel to enhance and prolong product life use. Use it with confidence. Great design and precision mechanics for faster lowering and raising. Compatible with most common automobiles, featuring a lifting height range between 90mm to 380mm. This needs to be in every car boot. Handy car jack, easy to use, operate and designed for compact storage.

    • 4-pce car floor mats



      Protect your car floor against mud, spills and mess. These car mats are heavy duty and highly durable and will fit most car models.

    • 60w car vacuum cleaner



      Cleaning is a breeze with this portable, easy to use car vacuum cleaner. Featuring a washable filter and a strong suction engine, it is ideal for the toughest wet and dry clean up job. Thinking of the users convenience, this products has a 10 feet cord, allowing the user to easily move the device around the car. Easy to operate, high performance dry and wet vacuum cleaner. Ideal for those with families, this is a quick and easy solution those little spills.

    • 80w air compressor



      Quickly inflate car tires and sports equipment with this handy air compressor. This robust, 12V DC compressor provides a maximum pressure of 300 PSI, and has a 16mm built-in cylinder that can inflate ordinary car tires in just 9 minutes. Designed to be user friendly, it comes with a pressure gauge, work and flash light, and three nozzle adapters that can be used on bikes, tires, balls, and other sports equipment. For added efficiency and flexibility, it has an extra long 10ft cord.

    • 80w electric impact wrench



      Powerful high quality impact wrench, ideal for a fast tire exchange. The wrench features a maximum torque of 380N.M allowing the user to loosen or tighten lug nuts within seconds with ease. For user convenience the wrench has both a forward and reverse switch, along with a built in LED light for night use and 3.5 meter cable for easy and comfortable reach. Accessories include two socket of 17 and 19 millimetres. Also a 21 and 23 millimetres, plus a two piece 15A fuse. Changing a tire has never been this easy or convenient.

    • air compressor



      Be prepare and ready to inflate anything at any time. 250 PSi of pressure, 250 cm power cord with fused cigarette adaptor, gives you safety, power and versatility. Comes with 3 nozzle adapters to inflate bike tires, balls, mattresses and more.

    • double barrel foot pump



      Pumping your car has never been that easy. Design with a simple to use valve-stem lock and built-in 100 PSI gauge. Constructed with corrosion resistant steel frame and easy to fold for saving storage space. Beautifully designed with a strong body that provides you with its ease of use. Save your effort as pumping has become simple with this barrel foot pump.

    • multi-purpose foot air pump



      Keeps everything you need pumped and ready to use. Comes with different nozzle adapters to inflate bike tires, balls, mattresses and more. The sturdy, low set frame allows for an easy pumping action, quickly inflating most items. The multi-purpose foot pump is perfect to be use on basic inflatable items. Made from sturdy materials and well crafted, this is a must have item for every household.

    • wet and dry car vacuum cleaner



      Keep your car interior clean and fresh with this handy, powerful vacuum cleaner. Sucks up dirt, dust, liquids and debris quickly and efficiently. Has 3 attachments, flexible hose, washable bagless reservoir and 2.5m cord. Can be plugged into a 12V car cigarette lighter socket. It can also be used to inflate an air mattress, making it ideal for camping trips, as well as boats and RVs.

    13 items