1 station home gym w/50kg plate



Equipped with everything you need to tone and strengthen your upper body. This home gym starts with a dual-function press arm that supports both chest presses and independent pec fly exercises. The machine also includes high and low pulley stations for working your back, biceps, shoulders, and triceps. And thanks to the 50KG selectorized weight stack, you can start with mild resistance and work your way up. With no set path, you can perform a variety of exercises that will help build and tone your biceps, deltoids, trapezius, forearms, triceps, rhomboids,and more.


Product Description

Product Name : chibage

Main Material(s) : Steel
Available Colour(s) : Black
Outer Material : Steel
Frame Material : Steel


Product Width (CM): 144
Product Depth (CM): 99
Product Height (CM): 210
Product Net Weight (KG): 91
Product CBM (M3): 2.994

Packaging: Brown Box
Packaging Width (CM): 181
Packaging Depth (CM): 44
Packaging Height (CM): 19
Packaging CBM (M3): 0.151
Product Weight With Packaging (KG): 96.2


MOQ: 145

1st Order Production Leadtime (Day): 60
Repeat Order Production Leadtime (Day): 60

Payment Term : L/C 90 Days
Incoterm : FOB


Packing: Multiple Master
Items Quantity / Master: 1
Master Carton 1 Width (CM): 44
Master Carton 1 Depth (CM): 181
Master Carton 1 Height (CM): 19
Master Carton 2 Width (CM): 19.5
Master Carton 2 Depth (CM): 38.5
Master Carton 2 Height (CM): 50
Multiple Master Gross Weight (KG): 96.2
Multiple Master CBM (M3): 0.189
Palletized : No

Quantity 20′: 145
Quantity 40′: 300
Quantity 40′ HQ: 340